Software Engineer

Software Engineer

About You:

You’re a self-starter. You believe in tackling the most important problems, even if they are the most difficult problems. You’re comfortable with the unknown and understand that #startuplife means that you’re going to be wearing multiple hats. And that’s what motivates you. You’re accountable and obsessed with improvement, both in yourself and in others. You’re up to the challenge of building a world-class company that aims to be the infrastructure for more secure software for all.

About the Role:

As a passionate full-stack engineer at DefiXFinance, you will be developing enterprise-focused products and features for DefiXFinance platforms. These include several products ranging from client portals to monitoring systems, and blockchain analysis & Insight (AI) tools. You will get an opportunity to build the products from the ground up here. This means you can involve in all the stages of the product development & development lifecycle as idea generation, user interviews, planning, design, prototyping, execution, shipping, and iteration.

You Will:

  • Develop End-to-End customer-facing features from web/mobile portal to back-end service.
  • Take ownership of all aspects of the software — front end, backend, design, architecture, and operations
  • Be flexible to work on all aspects of delivering working software, including analysis, design, automated testing, operations, CI/CD, cross-team collaboration, and support
  • Learning new technologies to keep your skills current.
  • Grow and scale your abilities as the company grows

You Have:

  • Proficient in one of the front-end tech stacks like Javascript/HTML/CSS and frameworks like reactjs/vuejs/jquery
  • Proficient in back-end languages like Python/Ruby/Golang and able to implement web servers & API services
  • Solid fundamental computer science knowledge like data structure, algorithms, databases/SQL, testing, CI/CD, GIT, and shell scripts
  • Experience with server-side concepts (microservices, caching, performance, monitoring, and scalability) a plus
  • Familiar with AWS cloud technologies (e.g. S3, EC2, Lamba, etc)
  • Fast-paced programming mentality with the ability to turn things around quickly
  • Strong and creative problem-solving skills; always willing to embrace new technologies and collaborate
  • (Preferred) Prior experience with blockchain systems.
  • (Preferred) Prior experience in a fast-paced, growing start-up environment.

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