A nurse becomes a full-time crypto trader with over USD1M in revenue

A nurse becomes a full-time crypto trader with over USD1M in revenue

Josh Dorgan, a nurse in Nebraska aged 31, has made crypto trading his full-time job. He now makes at least USD 1m a yearly income and has more time for his family.

After seeing a Facebook news report about Bitcoin (BTC), Dorgan explained to Insider that had USD 2,000 in its last year of work, he began trading crypto. The trader stated that it was becoming increasingly difficult to balance work and trading with the rise in Covid-19-related infections since the 2020 pandemic.

Dorgan said that it was hard to sit in my office and make a few hundred dollars per day or whatever it was. Then, I would take a trade during my lunch break and make my entire day’s wages in five minutes,” Dorgan shared with Bloomberg.

After hiring a financial advisor and making sure he had enough money to live, he decided to quit his job as a doctor to become a trader full-time in August 2020. The trader today says that he is happy with his decision. His current investments include traditional and cryptoassets like bitcoin, litecoin (LTC), and Ethereum (ETH).

Dorgan’s Facebook page shows him enjoying jet skiing as well as the lake house that the trader bought.

Dorgan was still listed on the website of the University of Nebraska Medical Center as a registered nursing nurse. He was also a staff member of the Pediatric Nephrology Clinic of the Children’s Hospital & Medical Center.

The trader stated that while he misses taking care of the children at the hospital, he is able to help others by teaching them how markets work.