Amazon Crypto Token 2022: When is Amazon launching it?

Amazon Crypto Token 2022: When is Amazon launching it?

The world is ready to leap feet-first into cryptocurrency and Amazon are ready to join the fray and launch their own crypto tokens in 2022.

Although the details are still unclear, it seems that Amazon are setting up a Blockchain in preparation for launching their own digital currency.

FinTech Magazine published an article that confirmed that the company had posted a job advertisement for a Head of Digital Currency and Blockchain.

What are Amazon’s goals?

Amazon is looking for a product leader to help develop Amazon’s Digital Currency and Blockchainstrategy and product strategy.

This move is believed to be a response to increased competition from tech giants such as Meta/Facebook, who have hired their own team to create a Blockchain concept.

Google recently formed a partnership to Bakkt and opened the door for crypto acceptance in its Google Pay app.

What time will Amazon launch their crypto token?

2022 is the year Amazon launches their own cryptocurrency. However, there are no details about when that will happen.

Customers will likely be able use the Amazon Crypto Tokenwhile shopping on the Amazonwebsite. However, it is not clear how long this will take.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are still in their infancy and have a lot of potential for improvement, particularly in terms of ease-of-use.