Brave Releases Binance Integration to All Desktop Browser Users

Cryptocurrency Capabilities

Brave, a privacy-oriented browser, is expanding its cryptocurrency capabilities. Version 1.8 provides the Binance integration widget for all desktop browser users. Brave’s Nightly desktop version has had the new feature since March. Today’s release is for general desktop users. However, the company did not specify a date for mobile platform availability.

Brave users can trade, buy and receive crypto assets via the integration with the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world from the new tab page.

Brave users can now freely exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum Ripple, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies supported in Binance from the comfort of their browser. They can also view summaries and buy, deposit, trade, and even watch videos, all from their browser.

Users can trade on the or Binance.US platforms and view their balances. They can also obtain deposit addresses from the browser.

Brave automatically activates the Binance widget. It opens in a new page. You can disable it , hide it, or manage your settings.

Further details are provided in the announcement: “To interact with their Binance accounts, a user must first connect Binance’s Binance widget to Binance. This is done by clicking on the button at the widget. After clicking this button, a window will open and prompt the user to authenticate with Binance. The Binance widget can be used once it has been authenticated. Binance assets are listed at this point. The Binance widget is embedded in the Brave desktop browser. It is not a loaded Iframe (remotely embedded) and is therefore designed to protect the user’s privacy.

How can Brave make revenue from Binance

The announcement stated that the cooperation is an important part of Brave’s strategy for increasing the adoption and facilitating access to cryptocurrencies.

Binance lauds this integration as a milestone in cryptocurrency adoption. Brave, a pro-privacy browser that was created by Brendan Eich (ex-Mozilla CEO) boasts over 13 million users. It has been designed to block advertisements and trackers to provide a more private browsing experience.

The business details of the partnership were not disclosed by both companies. Brave, a browser, generates revenue based on the amount of traffic they send search engines and other sites.