Casa Allows Instant Bitcoin Purchases Using Apple Pay

Casa Allows Instant Bitcoin Purchases Using Apple Pay

Casa is a popular app that allows cryptocurrency self-custody. The company announced Thursday that Bitcoin buying, holding, and support features have been added to the mobile application.

Users of the Casa App can now purchase Bitcoin directly and make payments with Apple Pay. Although the new feature is only available for iOS users, the startup promised that the app will be available for Android.

The new offering is targeted at the major exchanges, where purchasing Bitcoins can be very difficult.

Casa stated that “buying Bitcoin has been complicated and multi-step for too long.” “Every step added friction to what should have been a simple transaction. From wiring money to an international exchange to sending proofs to ID companies can use to spy or spam you, to slogging through innumerable technicalities span>

Premium Rate for Instant Services

Wyre, an API provider for online payments, was partnered by the startup to facilitate instant purchases of these services. The Bitcoin buyer must pay $0.30 for every transaction. This fee is in addition to the standard debit card fees of 2.9 percent for US cards and 3.99% for international cards.

Each purchase will attract processing fees as they are made on-chain.

Casa makes it easy to buy bitcoin. By default, you are in control. It’s your bitcoin and nobody else’s,” Casa CEO Nick Neuman stated.

The services will only be available in the United States for now. Connecticut, Texas, New York and Connecticut are the exceptions. The startup plans to expand in the domestic and international markets.