Chiliz Begins Juventus Fan Token Trading, More in Pipeline

Sports-oriented Blockchain Company

Chiliz, a sports-oriented blockchain company, has started trading the fan token of Juventus football club giant Juventus.

The token ($JUV), which is listed on (the mobile trading platform of the company), can also be purchased at the Chiliz exchange.

Alexandre Dreyfus (CEO and founder of Chiliz and commented on the fan token: “We’re creating a brand new relationship among real-world sporting information and digital asset price fluctuations which will drive interest in trading this original class from traditional crypto enthusiasts and regular sport fans.

The partnership between the blockchain company, the Italian football club and the token was inked in 2018.

Fans can feel close to the team by bringing closure bringing closure

The club-specific token allows fans to vote on team decisions and will be eligible for rewards. Although 20 million JUV tokens were announced, the actual number in circulation is lower due to internal allocations.

The fan token can also be traded for CHZ, which is the native token of the Blockchain company. It is listed on major exchanges such as Binance, Bitfinex and Upbit.

The company also partnered with top European football giants FC Barcelona and Paris Saint Germain. Atletico De Madrid and Galatasaray were also involved. Chiliz will provide individual tokens to fans of each club.

Dreyfus said, “The $JUV Fan Token’s launch on along with the first day of activity there mark the beginning of a vibrant new type of trading that features digital assets from some the largest rights holders in the globe.”