Exclusive Private NFT Marketplace

How we became the largest private NFT publisher in the world.


Private NFT Marketplace

DefiXFinance NFT bridges crypto-culture to foster a network for mutual support between creators, artists, and collectors. We are pursuing a community-driven approach and to help us define the future. Everyone who cares about digital expression’s future should be part of it.

Over the years, the value of NFTs that have been produced by DefixFinance partnered artists, sold through DefixFinance and subsequently in the secondary market, has exceeded $12.6 million and counting. As the community at DefixFinance grows, so does the interest in crypto and NFT in general as DefixFinance’s vision is to introduce to the mass market the power of blockchain, the importance of cryptocurrencies and the value of NFTs.

Ethereum-based platform

About Creators

We partner with a carefully curated group of up-and-coming NFT creators to produce NFT art to launch exclusively to our investors.

For Creators

NFTs artists get to enjoy the freedom to create the art of their imagination without any concern of marketing their work. By publishing through our DefiXFinance NFT, we are responsible for the marketing & promotion of the collection to our group of enthusiastic NFT buyers and collectors.

For Buyers & Collectors

The buyers of these NFT art will get to be the first to own some of the most valuable, imaginative, creative and cultured art in the NFT world. The exclusivity and scarcity of these art ensures a healthy fetch in the secondary market if the owner chooses to put them up for auction.

Private Marketplace

Free Market Trading

Owners and collectors of our NFTs are free to trade among DefiXFinance members via a free and transparent trading marketplace.

Transfer to Public Wallets

Owners can transfer their DefiXFinance NFTs to any Ethereum wallet. They can then choose to store it locally or sell it at any public NFT marketplaces like Opensea.