We are committed to protecting our customers’ interests.


Our Security Setup

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Custom-built Hardware

We deploy bare-metal hardware that is specifically tailored to each network’s needs. Each validator is individually assembled and stress-tested before it goes into action. This ensures an exceptional performance.

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Tier 3+ Datacenters

Our hardware is located in certified data centers in Russia that are top-notch. Our validators are guaranteed uptime, protected by biometrics, and have redundant power supplies to ensure their safe operation. We are always able access our servers because they are located close to our headquarters.

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State of the Art Monitoring

Each network is unique. Each situation is unique so we make every effort to find the right monitoring solution. We use a state of the art open-source stack with Grafana & Prometheus when applicable. We can also create our own monitoring software if necessary.


Our Validator Infrastructure

We use multi-site configurations across multiple datacenters throughout Europe for our servers. We have redundant networking at each level including multi-homed DC-uplinks and high availability between VM hosts. Proxy connections secure our public connections. VPNs and whitelisting protect our private connections. Cloud instances are only used when it is advantageous to promote decentralization in each network we support.


Our Sustainability Goals

Our daily operations are carbon-efficient. Only certified data centers are used by us. They provide an excellent security standard and a sustainable energy mix.

Security Audit

Xsec Finance specializes in audits on all major blockchains and Defi projects, including but not limited to Ethereum, BSC, Tron, and more. It is trusted as the recommended blockchain and smart contract audit provider by top exchanges like Binance, OKEx, and Huobi.

XSEC Finance has performed a complete audit of DefiXFinance and its products and awarded DefiXFinance with a AAA rating.