Seth Green’s Stolen Bored Ape Is Back Home

Seth Green’s Stolen Bored Ape Is Back Home

Seth Green’s “kidnapped” Bored Ape has been returned to its original owner, ending weeks of frantic speculation as to its whereabouts and the intentions of its alleged abductor, a pseudonymous NFT collector known as “Mr Cheese.”

Blockchain transaction records, which document the buying and selling of digital assets like NFTs

Show the Bored Ape #8398 being transferred from Cheese’s NFT wallet to a wallet associated with Green on Tuesday. When asked about it in a Twitter Space for Green’s NFT company on Thursday, Green confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the ape “is home.”

The exchange appears to have occurred by way of a crypto escrow platform called NFT Trader where records reveal the ape departing Cheese’s wallet and eventually landing in the “Fred_Simian” account that presently contains it.

Green has previously stated that he named the ape Fred Simian, and seemingly runs a Twitter account created for the character.

An unnamed wallet likely belonging to Green (it’s been used to purchase NFTs that now exist in his public vault) transferred 165 Ether, or approximately $297,000, to an address operated by NFT Trader to exchange the ape. The Ether appeared in a wallet belonging to DarkWing84, a Mr Cheese alias, minutes later. The transaction suggests Green may have repurchased the ape for nearly $100,000 more than Cheese initially paid for it — despite threatening to sue Cheese if they refused to return it to him. (A real bummer for anyone who had their fingers crossed for a Green v. Cheese lawsuit.)

Worth noting: Green recently tweeted that he had made contact with Cheese on May 25, following numerous appeals from the actor to return the ape.