Square Enix President Hopes that NFTs and Blockchain Games Will Become a ‘Major Trend in Gaming Going Forward.

Square Enix President Hopes that NFTs and Blockchain Games Will Become a ‘Major Trend in Gaming Going Forward.

It’s barely a week into 2022, and Square Enix, another major video game publisher, is praising blockchain gaming and pledging to invest more in this horrible version of the future. Square Enix president Yosuke Mizuda said that Square Enix could issue its own NFTs at an unspecified future date.

Matsuda presented hundreds of buzzwords and phrases

Matsuda used hundreds of phrases and buzzwords to convince people Square Enix’s plans for the metaverse, NFTs and blockchain technology were not horrible in a New Year’s Open Letter published January 1. Although the letter covers a variety of topics including AI gaming and the metaverse, the majority of the content is about Matsuda’s enthusiasm surrounding NFTs, and the future for crypto tech.

Matsuda said that 2021 was only “NFTs: Year One”, and that he expected the technology to “more commonplace” in the future. It is difficult to understand what Matsuda wants to convey. The letter reads more like someone copying ideas and buzzwords from other sources into a Word document while trying to reach a specific word count.

Here’s an example: Let’s take a look at the letter and talk about NFTs.

They will apparently help users create content for games.

I am aware that there are some players who play to have fun and have expressed reservations about these new trends. This is understandable. But I think there will be some people who “play to have fun” and are motivated to make the game more enjoyable. This latter group was motivated solely by inconsistent personal feelings like goodwill or volunteer spirit. Traditional gaming did not offer any explicit incentives. This is due to the limitations of UGC (user-generated material). UGC was created out of the desire to express oneself and not as a reward for their creativity. This is one reason why there hasn’t been as much game-changing content user-generated than one might expect.

As I read the letter, my eyes became glazed. However, it was not difficult to miss the part that speaks about people playing games for fun and how Matsuda almost sounds dissatisfied. Matsuda instead wants more people to “play to contribute” to mod makers. This technology is already in place but it’s now linked to an inter-link that allows for art theft to increase and global warming to occur due to large-scale digital mining operations. This is also a haven for scammers and money-hungry celebrities .

Matsuda does not actually outline any plans

Ideas on how Square Enix will use blockchain technology in its games. He doesn’t even mention which games NFTs might be integrated with the letter. This is despite being mocked by players and game developers . The letter is more of what it is. It is a way to convince stockholders and investors that Square Enix is completely into all this NFT stuff.

This should not be surprising. Square Enix had already tried its hand at NFT earlier in the year, and it was obvious that they had larger plans for blockchain gaming.

Square Enix’s president is asking for the company to join , a growing list game publishers who are making, and enacting. Ubisoft caused a lot of anger among its employees last month when it announced plans to make boring-looking NFT gear available for sale in a Ghost Recongame. (Spoiler alert: It seems that no one is buying or selling this crap. Other studios have also announced NFT plans, but they were canceled or returned to their original form after players began to backtrack.