Staking Pool Networks

DefiXFinance takes staking pools to the next level with staking networks that consists of different staking pools staking different tokens at the same time.

About Staking Pool

A staking pool allows multiple stakeholders to combine their resources as a way to increase their chances of getting staking rewards.

A solo staker can never compete with a staking pool as the chances of the tokens being used as Proof of stake is significantly higher in a staking pool.

Compare to solo staking with only a small amount, a staking pool will always provide more predictable & consistent staking rewards.

Staking Pool Networks


By staking different tokens with variable risks and rewards in the same network, DefiXFinance ensures consistent & high staking rewards despite the volatility of each token.

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Staking in Various Tokens

Our staking pool networks feature a variety of tokens that yield significant profits for its investors.

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Fine-Grain Shares Value

You can buy as many or as few stake shares as you wish, and there is no minimum purchase

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Your yield payouts are deposited automatically into your Investor account with no extra steps required.

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Our estimated yield is displayed accurately in the investor portal for all to see and vet.

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Two-Passwords Authentication

Two passwords will be required to perform any relevant activities in our investor portal to ensure security.

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Freedom To Come And Go

You can fully self-service buy and sell at any time. Selling stake shares is easy upon account maturity.

Some of our growing

Staking Networks

Our staking networks are managed daily by our team of traders to ensure the best risk-reward ratio and profits for our investors.


Staking Liquidity Pools Investments

Besides staking in tokens with high potential and high returns, DefiXFinance also invest in many liquidity pools such as Uniswap, Balancer, Sushiswap, AAVE and Curve.

Liquidity pool

Liquidity pool is a shared pot of tokens locked within a smart contract. Investing in liquidity pools allows us to receive a share of the transaction fees and liquidity provider tokens (LPTs) as rewards.

On top of that, we also stake these LPTs to further leverage on these assets and maximizes returns for our investors. Similar to how a family might choose to use their house as collateral to take out a loan on a second investment property, without having to give up the underlying asset (the family home).

Pool Networks

Our Token Management Strategies


Overclocked Market Analysis

We use a proprietary A.I algorithm to predict price trends on popular crypto tokens. Based on this algorithm we analyze alternative data and use machine learning to generate trading signals for popular cryptocurrencies.  With these data we determine the best tokens to stake and manage our staking networks accordingly.


Identifying Price Movements

Swing trading aims to profit from price movements across a short to medium time frame. Swing trading focus heavily on fundamentals, we use technical analysis to determine trading opportunities before the market makes a reverse move and stake the tokens that have an uptick in price movements.

These strategies include: Stuck in a Box Swing Trading Strategy and Catch the Wave Swing Trading Strategy.


Untapped Opportunities

Relative strength index (RSI) is an oscillator that calculates high and low bands between two opposite values, while estimating the magnitude of price variation and the speed of these variations.

Our team uses the RSI to spot potential overbought and oversold market conditions. When the RSI reads above 70, it suggests an overbought condition. In contrast, when it moves below 30, it may be indicative of an oversold condition.


Real Time Tokens Management

A golden cross is a chart pattern that involves a short-term moving average crossing above a long-term moving average.

Our team will utilize the golden cross to help determine good times to both enter and exit the market, adding and removing tokens from our staking network accordingly to achieve consistent profits.