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DefiXFinance believes that the future internet, specifically Web 3.0, should not be at the cost of the environment. We have chosen to support only networks that use Proof-of-Stake, or any variation thereof.


Our Renewable Energy Commitment


Sustainable Consensus

Proof-of Stake uses far less energy to maintain a ledger, and reach consensus, than Proof-of Work. We validate only in Proof-of Stake protocols, so we have a lower overall power use than miners.


Clean Energy Mix

We all have a responsibility to combat climate change. Our goal is for all validators to be powered exclusively by renewable and clean energy in the next ten years.


Green Data Centers

We strive to reduce our carbon footprint in all aspects of our daily operations. Only certified datacenters are allowed to work for us.

Web 3.0

Baselayer for Web 3.0

Proof-of-Stake network facilitates the provision and maintenance of infrastructure which serves as the base layer for Web 3.0 in a distributed fashion. They allow token-holders to make contributions to network security and receive rewards.


Limitations of Proof of Work

Proof-of-Work, a groundbreaking invention, helps to align incentives in a decentralized network made up of unknowing and even untrusting participants. It powers Bitcoin and triggered a wave in innovation in the blockchain space.

It is however not very scalable or sustainable and therefore not suitable to power large networks. The energy required to sustain the Bitcoin network is equal to that of whole countries like Switzerland.


Evolution to Proof of-Stake

Proof-of–Stake is a viable alternative to Proof–of-Work. It provides greater security, greater throughput and quicker finality, while using far less energy to maintain the network. Many next-generation blockchains use PoS. Ethereum, which is the second largest Blockchain market capitalization, recently made the switch to PoS with the Beacon chain.

Security Audit

Xsec Finance specializes in audits on all major blockchains and Defi projects, including but not limited to Ethereum, BSC, Tron, and more. It is trusted as the recommended blockchain and smart contract audit provider by top exchanges like Binance, OKEx, and Huobi.

XSEC Finance has performed a complete audit of DefiXFinance and its products and awarded DefiXFinance with a AAA rating.